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Statement on the integration of Credit Suisse into UBS

Changes to the Pension Fund of Credit Suisse in Switzerland  

Once the integration of Credit Suisse has been completed, the aim is for the same pension model to apply to all employees in Switzerland. For this reason, the Pension Fund of Credit Suisse will be adapting its pension model to that of the Pension Fund of UBS as of January 1, 2027. 

Nothing will change for pension recipients of the Pension Fund of Credit Suisse. They remain insured with the Pension Fund of Credit Suisse and their current pensions are protected by law. 

Why has the decision been made to align the pension model of PF CS with that of PF UBS?

Why will the alignment of the pension scheme not take place until 1 January 2027?

Will the two Pension Funds be fully merged at a later date? 

What will happen to the 1e plans in the pension model of PF CS after January 1, 2027?

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