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  • 16.09.2019 Reminder: capital transfer option available until 30.09.2019

    Insured with retirement capital savings (total compensation in excess of CHF 127,980) have a one-time option to transfer their assets accrued in the current retirement capital savings to the new 1e retirement capital savings or to the pension capital savings pot.

  • 23.08.2019 1e retirement capital savings

    There was a live webcast on August 22, 2019, in which Martin Wagner, Manager of the Pension Fund of Credit Suisse Group (Switzerland), provided details on the features of the new 1e savings plan and its introduction.

  • 21.08.2019 Performance as of the End of July 2019

    The Pension Fund of Credit Suisse Group (Switzerland) posted a performance of 0.6% in July. Its overall performance for the year to the end of July 2019 is 8.2%.

  • 31.07.2019 Change to the Board of Trustees of the Pension Fund

    Following the departure of Jean-Noël Granges from the Board of Trustees, Mr. Stéphane Che will replace him on the Board of Trustees of Pension Fund 1 and Pension Fund 2. Stéphane Che is a portfolio manager for institutional clients in Geneva. He will take up office on August 1, 2019.

  • You can save tax by making voluntary purchases of pension benefits.

  • Realize your dream of owning your own home using your pension capital.

  • Upon your retirement you will receive a monthly pension, which may be combined with a lump-sum payout.

  • Your accrued Pension Fund assets are converted into an annual pension at the date of retirement using the conversion rate.

  • Our pensions advisors support you in all questions regarding Pension Fund benefits.

  • You can download all of the Pension Fund's publications here.