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Facts Worth Knowing about Your Pension Fund and Pension Model.

Obtain an overview of the key facts and figures from the 2013 financial statements of the Pension Fund.

Potential beneficiaries are grouped into three categories. You can determine the order of beneficiaries yourself, within a given framework, and/or distribute the benefits payable at death over several beneficiaries in the same category. To do so, it is essential that you complete the "Amendment to the General Order of Beneficiaries" form and submit it to your pensions advisor at the Pension Fund.

Get a general idea of your pension model now, and find out about key pension benefits. Numerous examples will help you navigate the complexities.

Use our calculation tools to simulate various calculations yourself – quickly and conveniently.


Find out more about:

  • Investment strategy
  • Investment Process and Controlling
  • Asset allocation
  • Performance

A new stage of life is about to begin. You can read up on more key facts about the pension fund here.


As an all-encompassing pension fund, we offer you above-average pension benefits on retirement or in the event of disability or death. We are one of the largest pension funds in Switzerland with total assets of almost CHF 13 billion, roughly 24,000 active insured, and over 10,000 pension recipients. Find out more about us.

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