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The Pension Fund offers you the flexibility of retiring between the ages of 58 and 70. Partial retirement, with a corresponding reduction in your level of employment, is possible from the age of 58. The following applies here:

  • The level of employment is reduced by at least 20% from the level of full employment
  • The remaining activity is a minimum of 20% of the level of full employment.
  • This allows you to retire in a maximum of three stages, the third step being full retirement.


Start thinking about your retirement at an early stage. It is sensible to start weighing your options at the age of 50 at the latest. This still gives you a few years in which to make the necessary adjustments. You could, for example, stagger the purchase of pension benefits from the Pension Fund to increase your future retirement pension, or you could consider partial retirement or decide to draw your AHV pension early.


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Pension coverage

If your pensionable base salary is reduced after you reach the age of 58 due to a reduction in your level of employment, you can – if you wish – request that the pension coverage be adjusted back to the base salary before the salary reduction. This is possible under the following prerequisites:

  • The request to the Pension Fund is made no later than the date of the salary reduction.
  • The salary reduction must not exceed 50%. 
  • Up to a salary reduction of 30%, you cover the savings contributions on that portion corresponding to the difference between the salary before and after the salary reduction. The employer covers the employer’s savings contributions and risk contributions on the aforementioned portion of the salary.
  • For a salary reduction of more than 30%, the base salary prior to the salary reduction is reduced by the percentage in excess of 30%. 
  • It is possible to continue pension coverage until you reach the age of 65.
  • The existing pension coverage ends in the event of partial retirement or as soon as you acquire additional income from gainful employment in addition to the reduced pensionable base salary. You must inform the Pension Fund about this.
  • For details see Regulations, Art. 36

You can adjust the contribution option and therefore the amount of your savings contributions monthly in MyPension. The amount of the employer contributions is specified in advance and cannot be influenced by selecting a particular contribution.

Payment of vested benefits and continued insurance

If you leave work between the ages of 58 and 65, you have the following two options:

  • Take retirement and receive a lifetime retirement pension.
  • Ask for your retirement savings capital to be paid out.

To withdraw your retirement savings capital, you must either mostly continue to work, or be registered as unemployed with the regional employment center.

Insured aged 55 and above whose employment relationship has been terminated by the employer have the option to continue their insurance with the Pension Fund (details under "Departure").

Insurance coverage

Check your insurance coverage when you give up gainful employment.

Accident insurance: Compulsory accident insurance coverage provided by your employer ends 1 month after you stop work. You should therefore take out accident coverage again with your health insurance company. This is done automatically for retired employees who are members of our Sanitas group health insurance plan.

Health insurance: After retirement, your existing health insurance policy will be continued under the group insurance plan. This also applies to co-insured family members. The employer's contribution to the group health insurance plans at Sanitas and Wincare will also be continued.

Insurance against loss of earnings: This insurance coverage ends automatically when you stop work.

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