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The Pension Fund of Credit Suisse Group (Switzerland) introduced 1e retirement capital savings in January 2020. This savings plan gives insured with a fixed salary subject to AHV contributions of more than CHF 144,060 the opportunity to codetermine the investment strategy that is used to invest their pension assets.

The pension model consists of two pension pots: Savings contributions on a gross salary subject to AHV contributions of up to CHF 144,060 flow into the pension capital savings pot; the assets accumulated there form the basis for the retirement pension. Contributions on salary components above CHF 144,060 are credited to the retirement capital savings pot; these assets are paid out as a lump sum on retirement. 

In the 1e retirement capital savings plan, insured can choose to invest the assets they have accumulated in their retirement capital savings pot in one of eight investment strategies. This gives insured the opportunity to invest the corresponding pension capital in line with their individual risk tolerance and risk ability. Insured therefore assume more personal responsibility: They participate in the performance of the assets, but they also bear the associated investment risk. 

1e retirement capital savings overview

  • Only insured with salary components above CHF 144,060 are affected.
  • Retirement benefits are paid out exclusively as a lump sum (no retirement pension).
  • Individual choice of eight investment strategies with an attractive cost structure: Different investment vehicles are offered with an equity component ranging from 0% to 100% in line with the risk profile and the chosen strategy.
  • Investment opportunities and risks are borne by the insured: When insured leave the Pension Fund or retire, the investment vehicles are sold. The insured take with them the generated profits – but they also bear the losses in the event of unfavorable market developments.
  • The MyPension portal is used to determine the risk profile and select the investment strategy.

Investment strategies

Use the MyPension portal to determine your risk profile and then select your personal strategy from eight different investment strategies. You can change your strategy at any time in the MyPension portal.

If you do not select a strategy, your retirement capital saving assets will be invested in the Low Risk strategy.

The eight investment strategies differ in terms of equity component.

Low Risk

Mixta 15

Mixta 25

Mixta 35

Mixta 45

Mixta 65 Real

Mixta 75

Mixta 100

Information regarding investment strategies

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