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The following table summarizes the most important upper and lower amount limits in state, occupational and private pension provision.

Retirement pension from the Federal Old Age and Survivors' Insurance  
Minimum annual retirement or disability pension (for unmarried persons) CHF 14,400
Maximum annual retirement or disability pension (for unmarried persons) CHF 29,400
Capped maximum annual retirement pension (for married couples) CHF 44,100
Pension Fund of Credit Suisse Group (Switzerland)  
Entry threshold (minimum salary) CHF 22,050
Maximum pensionable base salary CHF 264,600
Coordination deduction CHF 29,400
Maximum pensionable Award and base salary excess CHF 529,200
Maximum pensionable base salary, Award and base salary excess CHF 793,800
Pillar 3a  
Maximum amount for persons with a pension fund CHF 7,056
Maximum amount for persons without a pension fund CHF 35,280
Salary contribution to the AHV, IV, EO and ALV
AHV (employee and employer each pay half)8.7%
IV (employee and employer each pay half)1.4%
EO (employee and employer each pay half)0.5%
ALV (employee and employer each pay half)2.2% (for a salary of up to CHF 148,200)
AHV non-employed contributions  
Annual minimum amount (for unmarried persons) CHF 514
Annual maximum amount (for unmarried persons) CHF 25,700

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