Retirement BenefitsLump-Sum Withdrawal

Lump-Sum Withdrawal

The assets saved in the retirement capital and retirement capital supplementary account pension pots will be paid out as a lump sum on retirement.

On request, you can also withdraw a lump sum from the pension capital and pension capital supplementary account pension pots:

  • For assets under CHF 995,400: half
  • For assets above CHF 995,400: total amount above CHF 995,400

Pension or Lump Sum

Would you rather have a lifelong pension? Or have a portion of the retirement assets paid out as a lump sum? You should carefully weigh up the advantages and disadvantages

PensionLump sum
Regular, secure incomeYes. Until deathNo. Investment risk and longevity risk
Financial flexibilityNo. Fixed pension paymentsYes. Lump sum is freely available
Financial expertiseNoYes. Funds must be invested.
Survivor coverage
  • Surviving spouse's pension
  • Cohabitating partner's pension
  • Orphan's pension
  • Lump sum payable at death

    Remaining capital returns to Pension Fund
Remaining capital to heirs
Taxation100% as incomeOne-time taxation on withdrawal at a reduced rate, income and property tax

Please bear in mind that withdrawal of a lump sum will result in a lower lifetime retirement pension and lower survivors' benefits in the event of your death.

Graduated Lump-Sum Withdrawal

Pension capital is taxed at a privileged tax rate. If you make a lump-sum withdrawal from the Pension Fund and also have Pillar 3a accounts, it makes sense to stagger the withdrawal over several years to remain in a lower tax band and pay less tax overall.

 Please submit your request for a lump-sum withdrawal to the Pension Fund in writing no later than one month before you retire. If you are married or in a registered partnership, we require the written consent of your partner by means of a certified signature. If you are not married, send us a certificate of civil status.