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Pension Model

The pension model of the Pension Fund of Credit Suisse Group (Switzerland) consists of four pension pots, of which two are assigned to pension capital savings and two to retirement capital savings.

If your pensionable salary together with any award amounts to CHF 99,540 or less, your savings contributions and those of your employer will be allocated in full to the pension capital pension pot. The accrued assets on retirement form the basis of your retirement pension.

Contributions for salary components exceeding CHF 99,540 will be allocated to the retirement capital pension pot. On retirement, the accrued assets will be paid out in the form of a lump sum.

No savings contributions accrue to the pension capital supplementary account or the retirement capital supplementary account. The accrued assets in these two pension pots are accumulated solely from payments made by you

Maximum Insured Contributions

The salary components insured in the Pension Fund amount to a maximum of
CHF 767,880. These are made up of:

Savings and Risk Contributions

You and the employer pay monthly savings contributions defined as a percentage of your pensionable salary. These contributions are credited to you individually and, together with interest, the vested benefits brought into the fund and any additional deposits, form your retirement savings capital.

You have the option to specify the amount of the savings contributions yourself. The Basic, Standard and Top contribution options include both the savings contributions for your pensionable base salary as well as those for any pensionable awards and base salary excess. You can adjust your contribution options at the latest by December 1 at:


The contribution option you choose will not affect the amount contributed by the employer. Depending on your age and the contribution option chosen, the following savings contributions apply:

Risk Contributions
All risk contributions are the responsibility of the employer. The risk contributions are used to finance pension benefits in the event of disability or death.