Pension PlanAdmission


Admission to the Pension Fund is part of your employment contract and takes place when your employment begins.

All employees aged 25 or over with a minimum salary of CHF 21,330 are insured. Employees under 25 years who receive a salary of more than CHF 21,330 are insured by the Pension Fund against the financial consequences of disability or death if they have an open-ended employment relationship or a fixed-term employment relationship of more than three months.

When you start work, you will receive on your insurance portal MyPension:

  • a confirmation of acceptance,
  • a payment slip for transferring vested benefits, and
  • a temporary insurance certificate.

Once your vested benefits have been transferred to us from your previous pension fund, along with the balance of any vested benefits held with banks and/or insurance companies, you will receive an updated insurance certificate. You will find this at: