NewsChange to the Board of Trustees of the Pension Fund

Change to the Board of Trustees of the Pension Fund

Following the departure of employee representative Stéphane Che from the Board of Trustees, Daniel Egli will be taking on this position on the Board of Trustees of the Pension Fund and Pension Fund 2. Daniel Egli works as a financial planner in E&E and HNWI. He took up his duties on October 18, 2019.

Daniel Egli has worked in retirement planning for over 20 years. In addition, he has expanded his specialist knowledge with qualifications as a Swiss Certified financial planning expert, Swiss Certified Banking Specialist (specialist certificate), and SME financial specialist. He joined Credit Suisse as a relationship manager in private client business in 2004, working in Region Central Switzerland. He subsequently led the functional management for pension provision in Region Central Switzerland and now works as a financial planner in E&E and HNWI. Alongside these duties, he served as a member of the Staff Council for eight years. 

Philip Hess, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, is delighted with this new appointment on the Board of Trustees: "Daniel Egli's long-standing experience is a strong addition to the Board's expertise. I am grateful that Daniel Egli has agreed to take on this important role. There is no doubt that the Pension Fund will benefit from this addition to the employee representatives on the Board of Trustees."

Duties of the Board of Trustees
As the highest governing body, the Board of Trustees manages and supervises the Pension Fund of Credit Suisse Group (Switzerland). It defines the overall strategy of the Pension Fund and monitors its implementation. During their four years in office, the members of the Board of Trustees dedicate themselves in particular to the areas of pension provision, investment of assets, risk management, and organization of the Pension Fund. The 12-person board appoints the management, the pensions actuary and the independent auditors, while also designating the members of the various Pension Fund committees.