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Purchase of pension benefits 2021

On your MyPension portal, you will find a purchase letter with payment slip under "Documents and Forms." This shows the maximum benefits you may purchase under the various pension pots.

Purchasing options for pension capital savings

If your salary together with the Award is up to CHF 129,060, you are insured under the pension capital savings (pension capital and pension capital supplementary account pension pots). If you are eligible to purchase additional benefits, you will receive an overview of your individual purchasing options.

Payments into pension capital savings increase your retirement savings capital and thus your retirement pension, but have no effect on the amount of disability pension. This is based on your pensionable salary in the Pension Fund. The level of your retirement pension, irrespective of the accrued retirement savings capital and any personal payments into the Pension Fund, does not affect the amount available for the disability pension, nor do any advance withdrawals under the promotion of home ownership or transfers due to divorce.

Purchasing options for retirement capital savings

If your salary together with the Award amounts to more than CHF 129,060, you are also insured under the retirement capital savings (retirement capital and retirement capital supplementary account pension pots). Assets in the capital-accumulating pension pots are paid out exclusively as a lump sum when you retire.

Payment terms and payment deadline

Please use only the payment slips bearing your personal reference number, which you will find on MyPension. The final date for purchases per calendar year is the last bank working day of each calendar year. Purchases will be booked with the value date of the day on which they are received; application of a retroactive value date is not permitted. 

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