Key figures

The Pension Fund of Credit Suisse Group (Switzerland), with assets under management of over CHF 18 billion, is one of the largest pension funds in Switzerland.

Portfolio of insured as of December 3120202019
Change in %
Active participants with permanent employment contracts17,89317,7360.9
Pension recipients as of January 1 of the following year11,03011,227-1.8
Total number of active insured and pension recipients28,92328,963-0.1
Key figures for the Pension Fund20202019
in CHF millionin CHF millionChange in %
Total assets18,09417,8691.2
Retirement assets and actuarial provisions14,86515,163-2.0
Non-committed fundsn/a
Reserve for fluctuations in asset value2,3802,430-2.1
Pension benefits and lump-sum payments, termination benefits1,2151,09011.5
Contributions, vested benefits brought into the fund on joining, and purchase of pension benefits606876-30.8
Net return on investments9011,792-49.7
Coverage ration in %120.5116.43.5

Coverage ratio

The Pension Fund's coverage ratio describes the extent to which the pension liabilities are covered by the pension assets. If pension liabilities are higher than pension assets (coverage ratio below 100%), this implies a shortfall in cover and the pension fund must undertake restructuring measures.

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