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Sustainability strategy and climate strategy

The Pension Fund defines the term sustainability in terms of three factors: environment, social, and governance – referred to in the content that follows as ESG factors. As part of its sustainability strategy all three factors are considered to be of equal importance. Integrating these factors into the investment of assets means that we:

  • Actively integrate sustainability and climate risks into the investment process (risk management) and
  • Take into account the impact of our investment activities on the environment, society, and the economy (impact)

The Pension Fund believes that this holistic approach to sustainability meets the needs of our insured and fulfills our fiduciary due diligence obligations in accordance with legal requirements.

Our Pension Fund sets out its convictions on sustainability, defines its objectives for the investment of assets, and lays out the necessary procedures for implementing them in its investment processes in the documents "Sustainability strategy" and "Climate strategy" (see link on the left). Find out more about the process the Pension Fund followed in defining the two strategies in the linked case study by Sustainserv, which helped us with formulating the strategy. The Pension Fund is now continuously working on implementing the two strategies in the individual asset classes. The content of the sustainability and climate strategy is reviewed at appropriate intervals and thus helps to ensure the long-term and sustainable generation of returns for the insured.

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