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The Pension Fund excludes companies for which it cannot achieve the desired effect through engagement and companies that systematically violate conventions or agreements ratified by Switzerland from its investment universe. This includes companies that are involved in the production of controversial weapons for example. The Pension Fund of Credit Suisse Group (Switzerland) periodically reviews its exclusion list and may modify it at any time.

The Pension Fund currently excludes the following companies from its investment universe:

Company Bloomberg
Company ID
ISIN Reason for
Anhui GreatWall Military
Industry Co. Ltd.
40403623 CNE1000036L1 Clustermunition
Aryt Industries Ltd. 102203 IL0005870147 Antipersonnelmines
Bharat Dynamics Ltd. 17554517 INE171Z01018 Clustermunition
China North Industries Group Corp 157912 CND10000KPW0 Clustermunition
China Aerospace Science
& Technology Corp
10660637 CND100006HP7 Clustermunition
China Aerospace Science
& Industry Corp Ltd
7812460 CND1000142N4 Clustermunition
Larsen & Tourbo Ltd. 152324 INE018A01030 Nuclearweapon
LIG Nex1 Co., Ltd 18235724 KR7079550000 Clustermunition
Lockheed Martin Corp. 156923 US5398301094 Antipersonnelmines
MTAR Technologies Ltd. 21671379 INE864I01014 Nuclearweapon
Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. 143124 USP7807HAM71 Conduct based
Poongsan Corp. 14481691 KR7103140000 Clustermunition
Poongsan Holding Corp. 129312 KR7005810007 Clustermunition
Premier Explosives Ltd. 152507 INE863B01011 Nuclearweapon
Sandhar Technologies Ltd. 10851015 INE278H01035 Antipersonnelmines
Solar Industries India Ltd. 10416954 INE343H01029 Clustermunition
S&T Dynamics Co. Ltd. 117912 KR7003570009 Antipersonnelmines
S&T Holdings Co. Ltd. 815861 KR7036530004 Antipersonnelmines
Walchandnagar  Industries Ltd. 198917 INE711A01022 Nuclearweapon

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